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The next story about how the Big Banks treat small businesses. As retail business we have a merchant device to collect money from customers paying goods. Almost 99% of all transactions are with cards for our business. Therefore, if the merchant fails it is not possible to do business.

Mostly the merchant device a business receives is a refurbished one and most likely to fail at one point. This happened to us. Time wasted on the phone to the technical support to get is solved. Luckily after two hours we’ve received a replacement. Unfortunately, the replacement failed two transactions later. Second round wasting time calling the technical support. This time we got offered a complete new device, however, the technician can be there after 6 PM. This meant staying longer, but without a device no business.

New device worked well till it come to Moto. This function wasn’t right. But we had no time to call the support again. In a quiet moment we called the support. Despite that the function worked in the three years we had 4 different devices, we got told we never had this function and would need to apply for it. Furthermore, it costs 4 AUD extra per month. Ok, again time wasted to fill in the application. A short thought to wait till the 1st of December to send it in was put aside. Surely it will take a few days and the bank will not charge for 2 days. The following days nothing was heard from the bank. Only the new statement for November came with 4 AUD on it for the Moto function. Another call to the support revealed that the function has been on since the 30th of November. But the bank did not see the need to send an email or call. I do not have to mention that the technical service had to switch on the function on our device with another call needed.

That meant it was not working til then but the bank charge for 1 day the 4 AUD. It is not about the amount, it is about how the banks treat small businesses and how they get away with it.

[Update 30/03/2021 – The bank was Suncorp. I could tell a new story about Suncorp, which ensured that I, my family will not use any single Suncorp Product offering in my lifetime. Besides, my company will not recommend or use Suncorp offering for the company.]

Cover Photo by Christian Joudrey on Unsplash

This entry was posted in 2017.
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