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We’ve started a list for the differences Germany vs. Australia. We will extend the list and correct it as we go. It will be translated as well. Author: Anja

Road & Traffic

  • on the road the left side is the right side. To ensure your are on the right side, if you look out the driver window, there needs to be a road
  • your traffic lights after the intersection
  • Motorway, an entry does not mean there is an exist and other way round. Be prepared to drive a long way round if you get it wrong
  • Motorway, you do overtake on both sides even if it is not legal. Thanks to people doing 90 km/h in all four lanes with a 110 km/h speed limit. Yes, speed limit in Queensland is 110 km/h max.
  • Dogs travel in free spirit on the back of ute’s
  • Ute is not a female name, it is short for utility vehicle –  a term used originally in Australia and New Zealand to describe usually two-wheel-drive, traditionally passenger vehicles with a cargo tray in the rear integrated with the passenger body
  • at the petrol station you have to hold the bowser instead securing it, inhaling the fumes the whole time to catch cancer.
  • every petrol station sells different petrol, not all have 91, 95, 98, 100 or Diesel. Colour coding for different petrol? What is that?
  • Two lanes roundabout, however, the traffic rules depend on the site you enter or the size of your car
  • Queensland driver DO NOT KNOW how to merge, Reisverschlussprinzip, what is that
  • Parking spaces are twice the size compared to Germany
  • First in goes last out, double parking behind each other is normal
  • you need to careful that your hands do not melt to the steering wheel in summer
  • you do not have any Fahrzeugschein to proof the ownership of your car
  • you do not have your car checked ever, just when you want to sell it [Queensland]

Shopping & Restaurants

  • please wait, you will be seated when you enter a restaurant. All good restaurant you wait at the door to get a table allocated by a waiter
  • prepare for a long queue at the Coffee Drive Through
  • shops are usually open 24/7 all year around with maybe three days closed
  • you pay your 3 AUD per credit card pay wave
  • you pay everything via credit card if you can afford it or not
  • the friendly Sales Person at the shop calls you honey, sweetie or darling
  • you get kicked out of a restaurant straight after you have finished your last bite of your meal. You can extend visiting time by a fraction when you order a dessert.
  • there is no such thing as good chocolate
  • alcohol is just available in stores called bottle shops [Queensland]


  • houses do not have a doorbell
  • BBQ’s are done with gas, not a real fire
  • you paid a fine to have a water tank and solar system
  • you have no idea what insulation for a house is
  • you can just smoke in your house really
  • you cannot enjoy alcohol in public
  • you everybody’s „Mate“
  • you have Vegemite and Weet-Bix for breakfast
  • you need to keep your bread in the fridge, oh wait, there is no such thing as real bread
  • you cannot survive without a fridge and freezer
  • your house pool needs to be fenced off because people can drawn in it. Wouldn’t it be better to have compulsory swimming lesson?
  • everybody calls you by your first name
  • you put things you don’t want anymore on the curbside, they will be gone, sometimes it just takes a little bit longer

Public Holiday’s

  • you celebrate ANZAC Day, the Queens Birthday, even if it isn’t on her real birthday and Ekka Day


  • the spiders visiting your home are the size of a dinner plate
  • all the Australian Wildlife is visiting, which is deadly as
  • same sticks in your garden may move and bite
  • you have to be aware of the Drop Bear
  • ants bite can kill you, I’m serious
  • you have cable ties and antennas on you bicycle helmet to ward off Magpies


  • you open the cold tap and then the hot tap to get cooler water
  • you stay indoors because it is too hot outside
  • you put your jacket on when you enter a building and off when you leave
  • you say thank you to the bus driver when you leave the bus
  • you say thank more often


  • the Police treats you like you are still a convict

….. no worries, you will be right, mate!

This entry was posted in 2021.
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