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Kundenservice wird bei uns GROSS GESCHRIEBEN

Leider nicht bei unseren Kunden. Erhielt heute diese E-Mail.

„Hey Joerg,

I’m not impressed with you fuckers. I bought a TE449 at full price and then you go and drop the price by nearly $5k. Gonna give me the difference for my vote. You’ve lost my loyalty. I bought the bike over a KTM based on many factors, including price. But when a company drops the price of a product so significantly what do you think it’s effect will be on existing hush arms owners.

So Joerg if you want my vote pay me the difference. Otherwise fuck off.

Dr Jarrod Linsell

Sent from my iPhone“

Verstehe ja was er meint, aber muss man wirklich solche Wörter benutzen?

This entry was posted in 2013.
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