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Ich liebe es zitiert zu werden

Wusste gar nicht, dass ich mich so gewählt ausdrücken kann.

Transmoto zitiert Jörg Hoffmann

News in Transmoto

Text: „Australian distributors for Husqvarna motorcycles, Paul Feeney Group (PFG), has confirmed that the 2012-model TE250 and TE310 will come with a 12-hole racing injector and a racing-spec ECU – in much the same way as an performance Arrows exhaust system was included in the parts kits for their 2008-model TEs.

According to PFG’s Joerg Hoffmann, “The EFI’s four-hole injector that comes with the standard bike (which is what was used in the 2011 models) is now there for ADR homologation purposes only. For the 2012 models, the race-spec 12-hole injector and ECU will come for free in the bikes’ spare parts kit from dealers.”

So, aside from the new Leo Vince exhaust system and revised ECU the 2012 TE310 got, there’s no doubt the new 12-hole injector has played a key role in generating the power gains (particularly at high revs) we felt when we put the 2012 TE310 against our CRF300X project bike in the Jan/Feb issue.

Hoffmann confirmed PFG’s aggressive retail pricing for the 2012 enduro models – $10,795 for the TE250 and $11,495 for the TE310. He also informed us that the first shipment of their 2012 WR300 has just arrived. The 300cc two-stroke will retail for $10,495. All prices include GST, but not ORC.“

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